Gashes and Demise TAPE

by Gorgosaur

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Recorded late 2014 in Malmö, Sweden.


released January 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Gorgosaur Malmö, Sweden

Formed 2013 in the south of Sweden with the aim of creating total death.
First demo released January 2015.
Fullength album released April 2016, recorded in Sunlight Studio, Sweden

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Track Name: Gashes and Demise
Grainy stains of blood in my eyes as I hear your last breath.
I want you quiet I want you still I don't want you alive.
My sole purpose is to inflict death.

Ruination! I long for gashes and demise.
Let the blood spurt free...and now destruction will arise.
Total death!

If you stare too long into the abyss I will stare back at you.

The curtains fall over your consciousness as I guide your way to eternal rest.
Dress up your corpse before I will be a night to remember!

You fade into the further, into your death!
I revel in my deed. The innate monster has been fed.

If you stare too long into the abyss I will stare back at you
Track Name: Pyromaniac Narrations
They call this life
I call it empty
Their names are spelled
and they thrife off shit, piss, blood, pus

I am blood
my mind is like an open sore
The blackened heart I carry burns for more and more

Chanting tongues empty whispers
I hate their stares I loathe their lives
Smell of sulphur; the darkest pathways
You're the fire and I want to burn!

Let the flames caress me
and see the blisters grow
Let me turn into an obscurity
in death I'll glow
Oh I yearn for this torment
and the pain I'll learn to know
while my soul
will take its place on the throne below

The fumes from my funeral
suffocates their pathetic brains
When I writhe in synaptic agony
They will learn by my pain

Twisting in the fire
my spasmic corpse will slowly
be charred and succumb to a fate so unholy
In death I'll glow
Track Name: The Antropophagus
Flesh ripping maniacs among us
Ground is covered in blood
Jaws munching, skin tearing, flesh eating beasts
Feasting on humanity

Ripping and chewing your ribcage
Blood is splattered around

Before you will die
Hoplessly you're trapped
They will eat your flesh
Waiting for your death
Rabid maniacs
Rampage killing spree eternal decay

Limbs ripped and guts disemboweled
Bones are piled up high
Cranium smashed, feast on your brain
Soon you'll be scattered and unknown
Maggots crawling and feeding
Your soul will soon rot away